WELCOME TO THE 150th SCAPULA COMIC!  Thank you everyone for your loyal readership and support; keep buying the books and spreading the good word and this strip might just make it to 250!

Evil versions of characters are always extremely popular in comics, movies and games for some reason; Venom, Bizarro, Red Hulk, the Dark Avengers, Wario, Mechagodzilla, the robot copies of Bill & Ted, etc, etc (and even evil versions of evil versions are popular too! Look at Carnage and Anti-Venom).  You could be philosophical or academic and analyze the whole idea of the doppelgänger, or you could just say that evil is fun.

Inverto was originally a pretty straight-forward mirror flip of Scapula until I decided to be goofy and switch his arms and legs (no, he wasn’t going to have an ‘evil goatee’, that’s been done).

Also, don’t forget (and how can you?). next weekend is the Alternative Press Expo!  Come on by and enjoy the show!