Welcome all, to the 100th comic post of SCAPULA!

This is the first SCAPULA comic posted here that was not drawn on paper and scanned into the computer.  The entire thing was done with SketchbookPro and Photoshop; while I think the results are pretty nice I’m going to keep drawing comics the old fashioned way (for now).

Wait a minute! What’s Scapula doing here?! Didn’t I say we weren’t going to see him around?  Well, quit whining, because he really isn’t around.  I don’t know if the scene makes things too obvious or too confusing, so tune in next week to find out what the holy hell’s going on!

In other news, the first SCAPULA book is officially completed! The book is a fine-printed, full color 60 page collection of the best SCAPULA adventures, plus a brand new, exclusive full-length story “The Kid Who Clobbers Scapula”, available only in this publication! The book will be released at the upcoming Alternative Press Expo (A.P.E.) this month and shortly afterward made available on-line  (for those of you not in California).  If you plan on attending A.P.E., come on by and get your book signed and sketched!