I sometimes forget that new readers are coming in all the time, and that a serial comic like SCAPULA can be a tough series to jump in on.  For those of you fresh newbies who are just joining us now, a lot of this story references events that occurred in a 2011 story, SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLES FEATURE, so you might want to jump back and check it out.

Okay, on to the Long Beach Comic Con recap: twas a lot of fun, a lot of business, but sadly I forgot to bring a camera.  Here are some convention sketches I did, instead:


For those of you artists who do conventions, I recommend that you try to keep on drawing whenever you have downtime (while still being attentive to potential customers, of course). Passerbys LOVE to watch artists at work and see what they can do, especially since it could lead to caricatures or commissions. It also helps if you are able to draw while also being able to engage people in conversation, so don’t just huddle up over your drawing unless if you want a customer to spend their precious time talking to the top of your head!

Finally, I have to give a shout-out to John Hazard again, who apparently liked the Frankenstein Superstar reference I made on the Halloween comic so much he went and drew some awesome art featuring Knuckle Sam’s monstrous hunger for the ladies!  Check out his cool cartoon work over at Frankenstein Superstar!