As the chase for Jemini continues let us now discuss another chase that’s been going on for some time now: the chase for new SCAPULA books!

A few months ago you fine readers cast your votes for the complete series in book form, and I was more than happy to oblige.  I went about laying out both volumes and was ready to go when I hit a wee little snag: the print service I had been planning to use turned out to suck balls (if you’ll pardon my technical jargon).  The company in question, a lauded and successful print-on-demand site, simply could not get on the ball with making these books into decent merchandise.  After some wasted proof copies (and time and money) and an almost insulting amount of errors made I decided to call it off with the company lest I end up with a ton of defective books and a major headache.

The crappy print service (whom shall remain nameless) did make me realize a couple of things: first, that I really do want these books to be the best they can possibly be (play the national anthem while rereading that sentence) and second, that print-on-demand is not the way to go.  While these services can be beneficial to creators who are just getting themselves acquainted with selling their work, in the end it’s actually a lot of money lost by both the creator and customer (since the cost of print-on-demand books can be quite high, leaving the creator no choice but to either screw their customers or screw themselves in the final deal).

For those of you who have used and stand by print-on-demand, please feel free to debate the matter in the comments section.  I’m not bashing it (except that one printer), I used POD for years, but now I’m looking for a way to give readers the best book at a fair price (“Ohhh, say can you see….”).

Thankfully I have since found a publisher that looks reliable, and as soon as the new proof arrives I’ll let you know when you can get these awesome collections.  Sit tight, my friends, and you shall be rewarded.  I want these as much as you do (well, I hope you do!).