The fate of Jemini’s duplicate has one of those “you got what you deserve” endings so common to cartoons; it may feel kind of cliché, but I still like it.  We still have one more loose end to tie up, so be here next Sunday for the grand finale to SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLES FEATURE.

 Comikaze Recap Time!  This was, without a doubt, the best convention show I’ve ever had. Sharing a table with Jim Smith (co-creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show) was a supreme honor; he’s an extremely cool guy who regaled everyone with stories about the history of making the series.  People got a chance to see original animation cels and artwork, and Jim sketched the classic characters for some of the lucky fans.

Not that I was sitting there the whole time awe-struck (although there was a tad of that).  I would like to give a huge, sincere thanks to all of the great many people who bought prints, books, and had their lovely selves caricatured.  It was a wonderful, busy, exciting convention and I’m so happy to be a cartoonist.