For everyone who has struggled and strained their eyes to understand Inverto’s dialogue…this one’s really going to make you hate me!

Thus ends the short and tragic life of Inverto, a creature too special for this cruel world, too poetic to ever truly be understood.  Weep not for Inverto; next week sees the return of ANOTHER twisted, bizarre villain with indecipherable speech and disturbing tendencies.  But you’ll never guess who it is, never in a million, billion years.

Next Week:


In other news, John Hazard, a monster-ously talented artist and teacher at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art, recently featured our favorite skull-faced loser in his superb webcomic, FRANKENSTEIN SUPERSTAR.  If you like gorgeous graphic artwork and hilarious jokes,  definitely check this one out.  John’s amazing art skills are put to good use drawing cool monsters, retro comic book characters, and big beautiful women…what’s not to love?

Check out Scapula’s guest appearance in FRANKENSTEIN SUPERSTAR…and be warned: no one is safe!