After several months of working secretly in Adobe Flash, I’m proud to announce the first episode of the SCAPULA semi-animated series! This motion comic showcases Scapula and his fellow freaks as you’ve never seen them before: talking, screaming, fighting, all performed and animated before your very eyes!

The SCAPULA Motion Comic will debut this week on YouTube in three increments:

  • Tuesday, November 30th       The SICKO SIX pt.1
  • Wednesday, December 1st      The SICKO SIX pt.2
  • Thursday, December 2nd   The SICKO SIX pt.3

“But Bob, where can I see this super-awesome cartoon?”

The answer is simple (and my name isn’t Bob).  To find the links to the series:

This is a big step forward for this webcomic, so if you enjoy this animated special, please spread the word or just watch it for yourselves.  The show starts on Tuesday!