Well first off, how did everyone like the “SICKO SIX” cartoon? Wow…really? Well, it wasn’t like ‘Plan 9 from Outer Space’ or ‘Gigli’, was it?

The theatre is playing the 1931 version of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” which, in my own humble monster-movie-fan opinion, is the best film version of the Stevenson tale (and notice how I not-so-subtly reference this movie in a story about a split-personality villain…sneaky, ain’t I?).

Darkevillhelldeath-Man’s collection of hostages includes some familiar faces: Officer Mittenscarf (from The Neglected One), Mona Naware (from The Sicko Six), and Christie McGoff, the delusional and perky heroine of my previous webcomic series DADA HYENA.   I’m sure you can all guess for yourselves the identity of the “missing guest”.