start_title_30A long time ago in a comic far, far away from sanity, Scapula formed the SINISTER MONSTER DOOM LEGION…or rather, a vicious and cunning sock puppet named Darkevilhelldeath-Man formed them. In one of the longest and most intense stories in the series Scapula was dominated and manipulated by the googly-eyed hellion until he finally broke free from its mental control. That was the end of that…maybe.

While the original story left it ambiguous as to whether the master puppet was a sentient robot (as evidenced in the prologue story, DARKEVILHELLDEATH-MAN RISING) or was in fact an embodiment of Scapula’s damaged psyche, today’s installment at least makes it clear that Scap has a nonstop internal dialogue that sounds a lot like DEHD-Man’s haunting tirade. Whether or not this is a remnant of the puppet’s control or something that began long before is debatable, but either way you’re looking at an unhappy camper.

Speaking of unhealthy psychological fixations, Scapula is still holding on to Bone China, so to speak (I’m not sure how well a body preserves under wax, but if Vincent Price did it then it’s good enough for me!). Maybe some day he’ll grow out of this sick mindset…or maybe he’ll just grow much worse.

Bonus points if you can identify the movie posters and monster wax figures in Scapula’s collection. At least one of them was a major inspiration for the Memento Mori story arc.

We have just one week left of updates, my friends. What loose ends will be wrapped up? Let’s find out.