Greetings to all the ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties, and things that take a dump in the night! I hope everyone, both new readers and longtime friends, have been enjoying the recent stories (and if you’re joining the party “fashionably late”, there’s no more pizza rolls but you can sift through the Archives for available comic reading). It’s been great continuing the series after all of these years, even if I’m no longer on the hellish webcomic schedule I used to endure (again, look at the Archives…there’s a LOT of friggin’ comics!).

If you haven’t already grabbed the new issues of SCAPULA, or even have been putting off picking up the ‘classics’, please feel free to wander into the Scapula Store and see what books are available. Some of the older ones wont be around for much longer (I probably wont be restocking volumes 1 and 2), so consider grabbing them while you can!

Also, if you’d like to help out but hate books more than life itself, please consider joining the Scapula Patreon page to see exclusive comics, work-in-progress art, and news about upcoming events and projects. You can jump in for as low as a buck (I wouldn’t object to more, per se, but everyone’s on a budget!) and follow along for new stories and surprises.

Hope you’ve enjoyed and keep haunting this site…you never know when that horn-headed skull might pop up again!