Hello, fellow fiends! After much waiting and biting and gnashing, SCAPULA: THE GREATEST FREAKSHOW OF ALL is finally available for sale. The grand finale and 15th anniversary of theĀ SCAPULA series, this lavishly illustrated graphic novel tells the final tale of the World’s Worst Villain and his monstrous gang; for any longtime readers lurking on this old website this book is dedicated to you (and why the hell not?).

The majority of the Scapula series is available in the bookstore (which has been relocated to an offshoot of my portfolio website), while two of the specials (Dr. Caliban and the Sinister Monster Doom Legion and Bone-Chilling Tales of Scapula) are currently only on Amazon. All nine books are available, but hardcore collectors should act quickly since my stock of Scapula-Losers Never Quit and Scapula: Memento Mori are actually almost gone.

Creating, writing, drawing, and self-publishing this series for the last fifteen years has been the happiest part of my art career (and stressful, yeah, but that’s true of anything worth doing in life), and the support of truly awesome readers and fellow weirdos made it all possible. I don’t know if I would have come this far without the encouragement and generosity of everyone who read the Scapula stories, and I can’t thank you nearly enough.

Whatever happens in the future is hard to say, but for here and now the saga of Scapula is still here for all of the outcasts, loonies, and strange souls to enjoy!