And so the supervillain career of Scapula comes to an end…however, if you think that’s the end of the WHOLE story, there’s still way more pain, madness, and revelations yet to come!


Thank you all so very much for following along and contributing to the Kickstarter campaign; because of your generosity and support Scapula: The Greatest Freakshow of All will be going into production and hopefully arriving very soon! If you’ve enjoyed the first chapter so far, believe me, this truly is just the beginning…!

Now comes something that I need to ask…is anyone even reading this?

By that I mean here on this website. Sure, I’ve been posting these same comics on Patreon and social media, but the ol’ Scapula website has become something of a ghost town. Years ago there were numerous readers and the comments section was legendary for bizarre conversations and the encyclopedia of violence that was Lady Jenn…nowadays? Everyone’s gone.

No, that’s not a “woe is me” lament, but really a “time’s, they are a-changing” observation. The WordPress webcomic era is over, Project Wonderful is long gone, and new apps and sites have completely replaced the formula that a lot of webcartoonists really thought was going to be the way comics would be run throughout the 21st century. Social media left a lot of sites obsolete and either boosted or obliterated an individual comic creator’s viewership, depending on how well they could adapt.

As for Scapula…it’s a little bit of both. While this website doesn’t get much traffic anymore the series has been enjoyed elsewhere by both new readers and longtime fans. I’d really like to believe it’s due to the books (and even those will be phased out forever by digital reading), but who knows. Whatever it may be, I’m very grateful Scapula is still appreciated by some really great people.

This page is, in all likelihood, the last actual comic that will go up on this site. The bookstore may be moved to my portfolio site soon and who knows if will even be around a year from now, but the characters and stories still exist in the books and memories  that were made possible by readers who cared.

If there’s one thing that Scapula himself may learn by the end of this last tale it’s that there’s new paths to travel if you’re willing to move beyond what you already know. Maybe that’s true of all of us as well.

Whoever is reading this, thank you for visiting and I hope you’ve enjoyed. Please check back again in a couple of months for the release of Scapula: The Greatest Freakshow of All and where our tale (and villain) finally ends!