For those who don’t know/care/were too drunk to remember, Christie McGoff was the star of my first webcomic, Dada Hyena; she’s appeared occasionally over the years in the Scapula series (namely in a starring role in the most recent issue) but in more recent times has returned in a new run of cheesecake comics made exclusively for my Patreon backers!

First up is ‘Christie and Edgar‘, a flashback story to her teen years when she knew a certain geek who would one day become a certain geek with horns and a skull face. You can start reading the first page here (if you’re a Patron, of course!).

Next up is ‘Too Old to Care‘, which had the dubious honor of getting my Patreon page permanently slapped with an “18+” warning. Yes, gentle readers, this story has NUDITY (gasp!), and hopefully everyone out there knows there’s a big difference between nudity and pornography (even if Patreon doesn’t!). If that doesn’t bother you then enjoy this reunion story between Christie and one of her former Dada Hyena co-stars; start reading page one here.

Beware of ‘The Devil and Christie McGoff‘! What happens when a thirsty Christie is tempted by the Princess of Lies with a bottle of hooch? Find out for yourself right here!

Finally, there’s the epic battle that’s been brewing for years…’Christie McGoff vs Baby Jane Narwhal‘! What drove these former freaky besties against each other in a battle to the death? Find out for yourself when you start reading, schmoe!

There will be more stories throughout the following year, so please consider joining the Patreon page and enjoy the fun!