For those who don’t know/care/were too drunk to remember, Christie McGoff was the star of my first webcomic, Dada Hyena; she’s appeared occasionally over the years in the Scapula series (namely in a starring role in the most recent issue) but in more recent times has returned in a new run of cheesecake comics made exclusively for my Patreon backers!

First up is ‘Christie and Edgar‘, a flashback story to her teen years when she knew a certain geek who would one day become a certain geek with horns and a skull face. You can start reading the first page here (if you’re a Patron, of course!).

Next up is ‘Too Old to Care‘, which had the dubious honor of getting my Patreon page permanently slapped with an “18+” warning. Yes, gentle readers, this story has NUDITY (gasp!), and hopefully everyone out there knows there’s a big difference between nudity and pornography (even if Patreon doesn’t!). If that doesn’t bother you then enjoy this reunion story between Christie and one of her former Dada Hyena co-stars; start reading page one here.

Finally, this October there will be a brand new story, temptingly titled ‘The Devil and Christie McGoff‘! What happens when a thirsty Christie is tempted by the Princess of Lies with a bottle of hooch? Find out for yourself right here!

There will be more stories throughout the following year, so please consider joining the Patreon page and enjoy the fun!