Science fiction and fantasy are things I have wanted to avoid since the beginning of SCAPULA, hence my decision to have no characters with superpowers.  To me, eliminating the fantastic and focusing more on the absurd, such as the characters’ nonsensical or maniacal actions, was far more interesting than an “anything goes” world of magic and sci-fi.

Slowly, however, elements of the fantastic began to creep into the series: we never learned where Dadaman’s power came from (or even what Dadaman really was), not to mention Darkevilhelldeath-Man and his seemingly-nuclear powered energy blasts.  By the time the giant robot monster showed up on the scene it seemed all bets were off.

This story is probably the first to center around a science fiction element, although I’d like to do what I can to keep the technojargon side of it restrained.  I think it’s important for comic creators to really consider and define their fictional worlds; as much as I am a fan of random, zany humor and surreal scenarios (and Dadaman), SCAPULA seems to work best when grounded in some sense of reality.  It makes the bizarre all the more special.