Just heard the heart-breaking news that my friend and fellow cartoonist George Ford passed away. George was an online friend from the early days of our webcomics; he wrote and drew Addanac City for over a decade and was a frequent visitor to Scapula (any reader from the “glory days” of the early-mid 2010s undoubtedly read his comments). He gave so much support to every artist in our community and made his presence known and loved with his own fantastic comics work (and endless stream of ‘dad jokes’).

This was an Addanac City tribute piece I did for George earlier this year (in thanks for him creating a beautiful new convention banner for me, which will now always make me think of him); this piece was never shared before since I thought he might want to use it for a book cover. The portrait of George, though, is a new addition, and one last look at a friend and artist who tried to make everyone’s life in this insane world so much better.