For those of you who support Scapula Comics on Patreon there’s a brand new comic coming this February; “Christie’s Baby” will be posting exclusively for patrons and is also the grand finale of the Dada Hyena series.

Dada Hyena was my first webcomic (running more or less from 2005 to 2009, which is now archived on DeviantArt); it had two spin-offs, Dadaman (which was the first exclusive content on my Patreon page, now recollected in Scapula: World’s Worst Villain) in 2014, and later the Christie stories starting in 2018, which had the dubious honor of getting my Patreon account labeled “18+” forever after.

You can find the links to the previous Christie stories in this blogpost.

“Christie’s Baby” will be running a page a day later this month. To read this story, simply become a patron at any level, which will also give you access to all exclusive art and content.