02/05/2017  pg1 Killer Slideshow

02/12/2017 pg2 Robot Rampage

02/19/2017  pg3  Villains Aren’t Nice

02/26/2017  pg4  Battle for the Donuts

03/05/2017  pg5 Hot Hallucinations

03/12/2017 pg6 UFOs Aplenty

03/19/2017 pg7 Scrapped Saurian

03/26/2017 pg8 Peetzuh Delivery

04/02/2017 pg9 Who Likes Pleasure?

04/09/2017 pg10 The Destroyer has Arrived

04/16/2017 pg11 Poopoo

04/23/2017 pg12 Don’t Touch Poopoo

04/30/2017 pg13 A Very BIG Change

05/07/2017 pg14 Enter the Kaiju

05/14/2017 pg15 All Monsters Destroy!

05/21/2017 pg16 Rampage

06/04/2017 pg17 Sexy Invasion

06/11/2017 pg18 The Pleasure of Puppies and Pizza

06/18/2017 pg19 Lick It Up

06/25/2017 pg20 Ravaged

07/02/2017 pg21 Slow Realization

07/09/2017 pg22 Pleasure Powaaaa!

07/23/2017 pg23 Naked Hu-Man Wimps

07/30/2017 pg24 Sloth Savagery

08/06/2017 pg25 The Devil Approaches

08/13/2017 pg26 Tyrant King Reborn

08/20/2017 pg27 God Bless America!

08/27/2017 pg28 Demon Skeleton vs Giant Robot Dinosaur

09/03/2017 pg29 Tidal Wave

09/10/2017 pg30 Epilogue

04/07/2019 pg1 Nani o nanite?

04/14/2019 pg2 Meet Dio Sukuri!

04/21/2019 pg3 It Was Worth a Shot

04/28/2019 pg4 Putting the “Dupe” in Duplicate

05/05/2019 pg5 Cops and Robots

05/12/2019 pg6 General Jemini

05/19/2019 pg7 Tricks and Treats

05/26/2019 pg8 Building an Army

06/02/2019 pg9 No ‘Holy Diver’ Reference Intended

06/09/2019 pg10 Mob Non-Violence

06/16/2019 pg11 Monsters versus Clones

06/23/2019 pg12 Too Many Jeminis

06/30/2019 pg13 Roadkill Warrior

07/07/2019 pg14 Young Love

07/14/2019 pg15 Let’s Go Back to My Place

07/21/2019 pg16 Killer Klones from Under Space

07/28/2019 pg17 Troll Doll

08/04/2019 pg18 Must Have Been Something She Ate

08/11/2019 pg19 Talking to Yourself

08/18/2019 pg20 Behold…Psy-Jemini!

08/25/2019 pg21 Heads Are Gonna Blow

09/01/2019 pg22 Dio to the Rescue!

09/08/2019 pg23 Multiple Madness

09/15/2019 pg24 Maximum Capacity

09/22/2019 pg25 Everything Goes Kablooie

09/29/2019 pg26 Shut Up

01/01/2020 Crime of the Century?

04/18/2022 pg1 It Conquered the Golden Gate

04/20/2022 pg2 Welcome to our Nightmare

04/22/2022 pg3 Pythoctus

04/25/2022 pg4 Teenagers and Hysterics

04/27/2022 pg5 Enter the Hero

04/29/2022 pg6 The Amazing Thunderbeast

05/02/2022 pg7 Sinister Monsters Charge!

05/04/2022 pg8 Toxsick Burn

05/06/2022 pg9 Heads Up, Gogmagog

05/09/2022 pg10 Low Blow for Throgor

05/11/2022 pg11 Dr. Caliban’s Attack

05/13/2022 pg12 Transformation

05/16/2022 pg13 Skull Fracture

05/18/2022 pg14 The Day of Our Greatest Hero

05/20/2022 pg15 It’s All Over

05/23/2022 pg16 Meet the Glorious Future

05/25/2022 pg17 Monsters Move Out

05/27/2022 pg18 Never Forget Bone China

05/30/2022 pg19 Leaving the Wax Museum

06/01/2022 pg20 Goodbye, Scapula

The story ends in Scapula: The Greatest Freakshow of All